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The group of companies BIEL-TRANS-EUROPE specializes on selling and carrying the bulk liquid products by specialized tanker trucks (volume capacity from 25 cbm., loading capacity up to 45 tons). We can carry different types of liquid food and non-food cargoes: vegetable oils, cognac alcohols, wine, wine materials, molasses, juices, dairy products, food and technical fats, fuels and lubricants (diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel oil, bitumen), chemicals (hydrate of sodium, glycerin, ammonia solutions) across Europe and CIS countries. Bulk liquid fleet numbers 71 specialized tanker trucks (year production 2000-2013) made from specialized stainless steel applied in food industry and truck tractor DAF or MAN (year production 2008-2013).


Actual vacancies


  • Driver for long distances

  • Driver for international routes

  • Mechanic